The easel project consists of a series of steel easels measuring 23 metres in height and weighing 12,715 kilograms. The painting that rests on the easel is 7 x 10 metres.

I believe that the everyday easel somehow acts as an internationally recognized symbol of art.  For me, seeing an easel evokes a sense of formation, culture and creative labour.  The easel is the artist's workbench.  This stucture can be found in every country on earth, and is used by the world’s artists regardless of their ethnicity, religious or cultural systems. The easel may be interpreted as a symbol of high art, but when constructed in this enormous scale, demonstrates a feeling of intrigue.

In this re-awakening, the traditional painting on an easel becomes a large scale contemporary work of public sculpture. The mere size of the easel changes the viewer’s perception of this normally traditional image, transforming into a distinct cultural way-finder.

With this project...the monumental easel would remain a constant, but the paintings on the canvas could change. My goal is to have numerous easels in cities around the world in order to establish an exchange of artists, culture and ideas.

Public sculpture has always democratized art. Everyone, regardless of their social or economic status can view works of public art without prejudice: visual equity for all.

Below are imagined images on the easel to provide a type of visual reference.